New site for year three


Self Initiated Project: Evaluation

This project was a very eye opening experience and straight off the bat I came to realise just how much work and dedication goes into concept design and how if done correctly it can make the build of a site a lot easier for the developers.


I am going to analyse this project so that I better understand it and can prepare myself better for the future.


What went well

The project on a whole went really to plan and not much went wrong apart from timing issues which I will get to at a later point. It became apparent from an early point that it was going to be a concept design and when I got my head around that the idea kind of just run away from itself.

To get the real idea for the personas I went out and talked to musicians and to venue landlords and this was a great way to get into the head of the users and really opened my eyes to what they wanted and why they wanted it. My personas are not just made up they have come from actual conversations with fans, musicians and landlords which really helped me.

I believe the design came on really well and looks clean and clear, which is what I was aiming for, I don’t know how I would change it if I could but maybe I would add a videos section to the site but I really didn’t want to over complicate it as the main of the site is to go and get information and I believe people can do that.


What didn’t go well

I would say timing, and this is an ongoing problem I am having with projects, I spend more time on the research and getting to know the project that I barely leave anytime in between to actually do the designing. This is something I need to work on and make sure in the final year I am better prepared and stick to a schedule. If I were in a real working environment this would not be acceptable and although I got the work finished and done on time, it probably would have been better had I hit milestones and stuck to task. This I would say is my biggest weak point and one I must overcome in the next year if I am to achieve my goals


Designing is another factor that I still struggle with and I am still over-complicating it and although I have seen my design skills improved, I still think they could be better and again this is something I am working towards. I have sat down with other designers and asked them for feedback and also how they look at things,  why they look at things the way they do.

When doing research for this project I maybe didn’t look at the web trends as much as I should of and although I did look and use some of them I maybe should have used more.


What I would change

If I could change anything about this project it would be, being able to build it and not having to settle for concept design. I would have really been happy to get this concept off the ground but trying to learn 2 new frameworks and then do all the research, and designing as well as a build was just too much for the time limit so had to unfortunately settle for a concept design instead. I really think that the design could have been used to make it over into website that could have been used.


Evaluation Conclusion

I again think this project as a success overall and a lot of hard work has gone into making it what it is. At times I strayed and took the researching too far and got off topic with what I was searching but overall I am happy with the outcome. I know that I have strong and weak points in the project but hopefully you will see that I have tried to solidify the strong points and improve on my weak points and the only one that I don’t think I am quite there yet is with timing but this I am sure will come with experience.